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A Mission for Fair Cardamom trade

Many factors like Freshness, Aroma, different colours and of course sizes determine the price of cardamom. Auctions and market demands have an intrinsic role in determining the price of small green cardamom. Bozone Spices in its all stages of process are utmost vigilant to ensure the quality of the products and affordable price strategy to make the queen of spices to everyone in the world.

Cardamom Variety Market Price of today
8.5mm above1700/-
8 mm above green1600/-
8mm above light green( Fresh)1500/-
7.5mm above green1450/-
7.5mm above light green ( Fruit Variety)1430/-
7.5mm above green ( Split- Tipopen)1400/-
7mm above1380/-
6.8mm above1310/-
6.5mm below1290/-