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Bozone Spices. The Best Cardamom Trading agency in India

Bozone Spices is a Key agent the Cardamom Processing and Distribution across India. We understand the importance and health benefits of small green cardamom which is grown only in the western Ghats of India. Understanding the importance of this queen of spices, we started our cardamom trading in 1963. Premium quality, Attractive Packages, affordable prices, and free delivery all over India make our brand the best choice.

Now at present Bozone spices is one of the leading Cardamom traders in the domestic and international markets.  In our cardamom processing and in the trade we prioritize farmers in the key position, and our business strategies and activities are oriented to improve their benefits.


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How we works


We identify the real need of cardamom consumption and end customers


Our communication channel is so efficient to support the queries from regarding cardamom price per kg to post sale services


We establish Cardamom distribution markets like, dealerships, stockists and Super stocikists etc., for a better and convenient cardamom trading


Our ultimate aim is to establish a stable small cardamom trading platform from the end seller to end buyer

Know More about Cardamom and Us
Small green cardamom (Choti Elaichi) the queen of spices is grown in the western ghats, especially Kerala. Kerala supplies cardamom for fulfilling the requirement of the country. Kerala is the market place of cardamom pods, cardamom seeds,organic cardamom, whole cardamom pods, cardamom jumbo, fine cardamom. Now a days the market is extended to online as well. Elaichi online is much demanding now. Price of elaichi is differ based on types of elaichi and its quality, however the minimum average price is between 1300 to a maximum of Rs. 1900. It depends on season and demand of the cardamom. cheap cardamom is available from INR 600 onwards choto elachi elaichi types
There are various products made using small green cardamom. Some of them are cardamom milk, cardamom chai, and cardamom is a key agent in many masala items in the curry powders. Based on the use the packaging of cardamom is also different cardamom powders are comes with small packages such as of 100gm, 250gm etc. Elaichi powder packets are used widely especially in north India as one of the main ingredient in different dishes. Now a days elaichi powder is available on online as well.
Cardamom the Queen of spices is known in different name in different territories following are some of the different name of cardamom Cardamom in english- Cardamom cardamom in malayalam- Elakkaya cardamom in punjabi-ilaicī cardamom in urdu- Elaichi Cardamom in Marathi- Vēlacī cardamom in Kannada-Ēlakki Cardamom in Telugu-Ēlakulu Hindi- Elaichi
Cardamom has many various health benefits they are following : cardamom is widely used for weight loss cardamom for skin nourishment cardamom for hair growth cardamom for whitening cardamom for acidity control cardamom for babies care cardamom for teeth as best anti bacterial